Category: Coastline

The conservation efforts by the Scanian authorities have enabled to develop ways of preserving exotic animals especially on the sea-side to ensure that some of the species do not go extinct because of the encroachment of humans on the shore as well as the shift in the ecosystem that can affect the animals. Some of the reserves are located inland while others target the animals living in the sea. This makes it easy to monitor for the sake of posterity. Sofiero Slott The reserve is located in the [...]

Scania is an interesting place of the world to be especially during holidays. The various coastlines and sandy beaches are the sure reason that people want to belong here and enjoy the scenic view of the waters. While coastlines will differ in appearance such that some are white with sand, others have pebbles and rocky, which makes it unpleasant for some people depending in their preferences. The colours of the coastline depend on the seasons in Scania, which usually occur in four different time [...]