Exotic Animals And Sea-Side Reserves: Scania’s Natural Wonder

The conservation efforts by the Scanian authorities have enabled to develop ways of preserving exotic animals especially on the sea-side to ensure that some of the species do not go extinct because of the encroachment of humans on the shore as well as the shift in the ecosystem that can affect the animals.

Some of the reserves are located inland while others target the animals living in the sea. This makes it easy to monitor for the sake of posterity.

Sofiero Slott

The reserve is located in the gardens of a palace in Helsingborg, which was once a royal residence.

The place houses collections of rhododendrons and it is one of the biggest in Europe.

The reserve also has over 500 varieties of plants that are under conservation.

Skåne Zoo

The zoo features animals found in the Scandinavian countries. Example of the animals present includes the antelop, emus, vallabys and muntjaks.

The animals get care regarding veterinary services. Controlled breeding ensures that the replacement of the population that is declining. The Scania goose, makakis, and the tamarins are some of the animals found in this area for purposes of conservation.

The Ystad Animal Park

The Ystad Animal Park is a classical example of conservation efforts that have focused on conserving the exotic breads in Scania.

The animals can differ from those of other places in the world depending on their species or the habit they occupy.

Some of these animals include monkeys, birds, reptiles, lemurs, and meerkats, among others.

The park has different sections depending on the types of animals placed in some area. Some of the animals such as lemurs cannot stay with other animals because they can be harmed and the difficulty for them to populate becomes problematic.

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