About Us

About Us

Our role is to provide historic information for tourists about Scania, which is a region in Europe. We focus on educating the readers about the origin of the Scanian flag as well as the dynamics that delayed its official use in Skåneland.

Similarly, we aim at providing guidelines for tourists visiting Scania about the various activities they can engage in or the areas they can visit. The website ensures that you save on your time when looking for information so that you can visit the areas as quick as possible. Your plans will never be any better without the integration of our data in your plans for travelling on vacation.

Our Belief

Our belief is that everybody has a right to information and that the current technological improvements make it almost necessary for everyone to access information. We believe that when serving our readers, it is essential to disclose any information that will be useful in the end after they plan for their trip to Scania. It is also important to note that the history of the Scanian flag is an essential aspect in life especially for the locals because it provides the feeling of belonging to county that has faced all forms of upheavals during the conflict.

Another belief is on the need for environmental conservation and the need to conserve wildlife for the purposes of the future generations. The information provided about natural habits of animals indicates where they are located but tourists should not disrupt the way of life of these animals.

Our Heritage

The principles that surround wildlife conservation influence our position on the need to have a forum that displays the richness of Scania and explain to the whole world how we are taking strides in the right direction. The people who give us strength to continue with this project include all the gardeners who preserve plantations, tourists, and bird watchers, among other groups of people.

Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure that we explore the origin of the Scania flag and give a historic background of the flag so that people can learn how hard it was to acquire it. The fag provides a suitable chapter in the history of Scanians because it depicts the ability to enjoy rights and privileges of in their country as free people.  The second mission is to instigate wildlife conservation in Scania and the whole world because most of the fauna is getting exiting because of human activities such as encroachment on the natural habitats. Lastly, our mission is to boost tourism in Scania.

Our Vision

Our vision is to transform Scania into a modern tourist hub that will see visitors from across the world come to this place to enjoy the various beaches and forests.

The landscape is also interesting and we hope that soon people will come to view the scenery.

The Future

While we aim at expanding the tourism sector, it also important to mention that interventions should be in place to help focus on wildlife conservation.