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The conversation about the culture of Scania cuts across various aspects of the Scanian society, which include the recognition of the Scanians as free people. The recognition of the Scanian flag as well as the coat of arms has helped in the giving the Scanians their identity and to make their culture an essential part of their lives. The Scanians culture and art cuts across fields such as language, drawings, fashion, and architectural designs, among other factors in the society. The Influence Of [...]

The history of the Danish and the Scanian people led to assimilation and integration of various aspects of life such as the architectural designs, the lifestyle, as well as cultural practices. Before the time when Sweden overthrew the Danish regime from Scania, the architectural designs followed the Danish mode of building, even though there was impending scarcity of wood. The traditional Scanian architecture was commonly referred to as half-timbering and relied on wood materials. Some of the to [...]

The Scanian region is one of the most enjoyable places to tour if you are an adventurous person. Some of the best areas that an individual should not miss to visit include the tranquil beaches that make the coastline a lifetime experience to belong. Similarly, adventure has never been any better without the peaceful nature in the lush forests of Scania. Activities in this area include hiking, photography, and the ability to learn about various types of tree species that have made the Scanian peo [...]