Explore The Beauty Of The Long And Tranquil Beaches

Explore The Beauty Of The Long And Tranquil Beaches

Scania is undeniably one of the European countries with the most attractive features for tourist to enjoy.

The beauty of the coastline provides a heart-throbbing experience for the visitors and even the locals cannot get enough of the region’s beauty.

Scania is in the southernmost part of Sweden and it is the sunniest area in the country.

Various beaches are located in this area and include the following:

Raa Vallar

The beach remains to be the nicest spot along the coastline of Scania.It is superb for vacation because of large size that makes it family friendly.

All services necessary on the beach are available such as accommodation, fast food, ice cream, and coffee among other services.

Tropical Beach

Tropical beach is sandy and famous for the availability of housing for the people working in Helsingborg.

The atmosphere is pleasant and the decorations of trees along the coastline increase the aesthetic nature of the beach. The night breeze and the bonfires will give you a reason to be back to this beach.

Viking Strand

Who doesn’t love the Viking strand beach with its lovely long and tranquil atmosphere? The beach has a very large surface and a bathing area.

More importantly, the disabled people can also access the bathing area, which ensures equality across the society. There is also a small golf course for people who love the sport enjoy their stay on the coast.


The beach at Löderup is called Sandhammarens Strand and it is has the whitest and finest sand in Sweden. It one of the longest and the most beautiful in Sweden as it stretches several kilometres towards the southeast part of the province Skåne.

The seashore of Sandhammarens is relatively flat, which instigates increase in strong currents that make it hard to swim sometimes. Visitors to this area need to proceed with caution when on their vacation. Adjacent to the beach is the largest graveyard for the ships in Sweden that makes the coast sometimes thrilling to walk along.


Rydebacksbadet is undisputedly one of the longest coastlines of Scania and its advantage is that the presence of grassy area near the beach.

It provides additional fun for the people because activities such as playing ball games and flying of kites will be possible.

Fria Bad

The beach is has a relatively longer shoreline and it is not, located far from the city, which means that it is easily.

The management of the beach is taking precautions to ensure safety by provision of lifeguards even on a day where the attendance is low on the beach.


This beach has old-fashioned houses and enables people on vacation to enjoy activities such as boat riding as well as fishing.

The availability of cafes and clean water can make the stay of the people on this beach to be worthwhile. The place is accessible with city bus number 8 or one can use boat, camper, or bicycle to reach the place.


While it true that the beach is small, its advantage comes with the proximity it has to the city centre.

The beach is cool and attractive with very nice pubs restaurant and it is not very congested.