About Scania.Org

Our role is to provide historic information for tourists about Scania, which is a region in Europe.

We focus on educating the readers about the origin of the Scanian flag as well as the dynamics that delayed its official use in Skåneland. Similarly, we aim at providing guidelines for tourists visiting Scania about the various activities they can engage in or the areas they can visit. The website ensures that you save on your time when looking for information so that you can visit the areas as quick as possible.

  • Our Mission

    Our mission is to ensure that we explore the origin of the Scania flag and give a historic background of the flag so that people can learn how hard it was to acquire it.

  • Our Vision

    Our vision is to transform Scania into a modern tourist hub that will see visitors from across the world come to this place to enjoy the various beaches and forests.

The Flag Origins

The origin of the flag emerged from the archbishop of Lund who used the red colour and the yellow cross when performing his duties. Scania had difficulties to acquire the status of the official flag because this would mean it would become a free province.

The Swedish Identity Of Scania

The Swedish identity of Scania began historic shifts in the regimes that sought to take control of the region that was initially under Denmark’s leadership. The period before 1658 was characterized invasions that had the motive of controlling trade and resources in the region.

The Swedish try to identify with Scania because it is part of the larger Skåneland but the uniqueness of the region portrays a different picture especially the distinction that exists between the people of these two areas

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Latest Articles

Long And Tranquil Beaches

Scania is undeniably one of the European countries with the most attractive features for tourist to enjoy. The beauty of the coastline provides a heart-throbbing experience for the visitors and even the locals cannot get enough of the region’s beauty.

Scania is in the southernmost part of Sweden and it is the sunniest area in the country.

After the war, many interesting features remained behind, which can give tourist an opportune moment to view various items in Scania.

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