Scenic Spots To Be Visited In Southern Sweden Region

Every brochure of Sweden would in itself leave the viewer breathless before even a visit! With its peaceful inland lakes, surreally scenic forests and glistening mountain peaks, the country promises an aesthetic delight for tourists. Even though the whole country boasts of such sights, the south is one of the regions that can become a priority when deciding where to go.

Southern region of Sweden constitutes four parts Skåne, Småland, Blekinge and Öland. The picturesque setting is poetry in motion and below are some such spots that will bring the romantic out in you.

Gaycest – The Origin

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You might not be aware but the world’s newest taboo trend in male entertainment called Gaycest has its origins in Sweden. If you are interested and curious to see what happens when male members of step family have a crush on each other then adults-oriented series is right for you.


Although small in size, the area is easily accessible. Travel to Österlen to hike on the rolling hills or rejuvenate with barbeque on the sandy beaches. The rugged cliffs in Kullaberg will evoke your inner Heathcliff. Visit the biggest city of Skåne, Malmo, and go sightseeing, lay on the ‘Nuddie’ beach or skip a breath seeing the fifteenth century old houses. Let the wave of history hit you in the cosy town of Lund. The Romanesque style will imprint in your mind. Roam around the Lund Cathedral or gaze at art in Kulturen museum. Treat the taste buds with exotic local dishes like venison, shellfish or roasted goose. There are many adorable bistros and lively pubs that will satisfy or start the evenings.   


Among the 300 castles that southern Sweden boasts about, Kalmar and Kronoberg are worth visiting in this particular area. If farms with widespread fields and absence of concrete structures excite you then the countryside here is where you need to be. Little red cottages will surely tempt out a retirement plan. The iconic IKEA with its world renowned designs will further positively empty your pockets. Ostkaka, Lingonsylt might be some difficult names to pronounce but are very easy to like when eaten. These traditional dishes are best enjoyed with a chill beer!


Pack in the picnic basket for the wilderness of the lakes will compel you to spend all your time wandering on the shores or in the water. Paddle your way around enjoying the soothing sounds of water or take your son on that long promised fishing trip. The one in a kind archipelago will become travel goals for friends when you later display the beautiful pictures. Live with nature, hiking and cycling are the best ways to travel here. Take a peek at the heritage site and while you are at it add the Marine museum to the list. There’s so much to do here that your shoe laces will remain tightly tied begging for more!


Summer vacation couldn’t have become better than this. Many Swedish families also come down to rent cottages, cabins or chalets. It’s such a luxurious choice that even the royal family loves to spend holidaying here. Sunny days, salty smell of the sea and white sand between your toes, there’s nothing as soothing as this. Children love the innumerable activities on offer especially in venues like Eketorp Fortress. Feel the cultural hit by participating in things like forging or pole pillow fighting. Capture Stora Alvaret’s raw beauty with a never-seen before biodiversity.

So, tune in to one of the classic ABBA songs or tap to the beats of Swedish House Mafia while sitting in a green field with warm sunshine and prospects of spotting the country’s pride – the Swedish Moose. Take your camera for your memories and your Instagram will thank you later! Whether it is a family vacation or just a romantic getaway from the humdrum of life, the country promises sweet nectar of happiness hidden in every nook and crannies of the southern Sweden.

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