Birdwatching: Uncover The Tails Of Migration

The Skåne County provides an opportunity for bird watchers to quench their thirst when it comes to the migration of birds of different species.

The diversified special gives tourists an opportunity to explore this phenomenon that does not occur easily in the country.



The Falsterbo provides one of the biggest routes that birds follow during their migration.

Around 500 million birds use this route as they transverse the Scandinavian region into Africa during winter in Scania.

During autumn, bird watchers have an opportunity to observe over 350 species of birds at Falsterbo Lighthouse.

The place has a tower that enables the watchers to climb to have a better view of the birds. The equipment used for this purposes include a binoculars.

Scandinavia’s Biggest Bird Fair

Scandinavia’s Biggest Bird Fair

This activity takes place in August or early October and allows bird watchers to enjoy the view at the Falsterbo bird watch house.

Apparently, the show remains to be the biggest event in the Scandinavian countries.

The people use binocular or watch the birds on large screens.

Additionally, lectures are always available to inform the visitors and watchers about different aspects about the birds in the area.

Birds Of Prey In Skåne

Birds Of Prey In Skåne

The species that prey on other birds attract a large number of viewers.

The reason being is because of the thrill that comes with learning bird behaviours.

The climate must be favourable at the time one visits this area so as to enjoy the thrill to the maximum.

When the climate is suitable, even small birds have the opportunity to hunt insects and feed on the fruits in the forests.

The Dance Of The Cranes

The Dance Of The Cranes

Another scene that attracts many people is the dancing of the cranes in Skåne during their mating time.

It is much fascinating for these large birds to dance around water bodies and this has attracted more people who want to watch this great event.

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