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SSF - The Organisation
The organisation was founded in 1989. Its purpose has been, and still is, to increase awareness of the Scanian language, culture and identity, both in Sweden and abroad. Over the years SSF has been engaged in a large number of activities, some of which are accounted for below.  Documents generated by the SSF activities will be added as soon as time permits.

Its primary objective is to safeguard the cultural, social and economic interests of the Region of Scania in in both Sweden and Europe.  SSF has since the beginning been engaged in issues concerning human rights, the promotion of regionalism in the European Union and Sweden as well as in other activities supporting the survival and development of the regional language, culture and identity.

The documents on this website are mixed - some in English and others in Swedish.



The beginning
The SSF was founded by two persons late in 1989 - Architect Peter Broberg and Master Mariner Göran Hansson. During the years, in fact since the publication of David Assarsson's Booklet "The Scanian Problem" in 1929, there had been a number of individuals and organisations trying to bring the Scanian problem to the attention of the Swedish establishment without much success. It soon became clear to the founders that the issue could not be pursued in Sweden as the Scanian culture and identity is not well seen by most Swedes. Personal attacks on organisations and individuals with a Scanian profile has been, and still is to a lesser degree, very common. The decision was soon taken to bring the Scanian problem to the attention of international organisations.
      SSF has over the years worked for the return, to their places of origin, the cultural property collected by the Swedish military forces from Denmark and Scania, particularly during the period 1657-1660. The transportation from Scania to the state capital has continued to this day. SSF has also worked to promote the idea that Scania's own historical background shall become a part of public knowledge and form an important basis for a future regional identity.
      SSF has actively participated in the debate in Sweden on de subject of regionalism and devolution. The activities include the publication of books, lobbyism, newspaper articles and, not least, as an expert authority (remissinstans) on regionalism to the Swedish Government. It has over the years published a number of books and publications as well as an abundance of newspaper articles and other writings.


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