A Region in Europe

A short summary
Geography - Legal Status - History Here>>
The fact sheet
Territory, population, political system, etc. Here>>
The history
A very short and brief summary of the Scanian history. Here>>
The flag
Facts, history and other information about the Scanian flag. Here>>
The flag days
The flag is flying for Scania four times a year
. Here>>
The name
Skåneland - Scania - the common name for the four Scanian provinces. Here>>
The panther
The heraldic Scanian Griffin, yellow on red field. Here>>
The language
A paper on the history of the Scanian language. Here>>
The lost property
List of cultural property confiscated from
Scania/Denmark. Here>>
The wars
The Scanian wars - an untold story
. Here>>

The resolution
A resolution on the territory of Scania. Here>>