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Scanian period
About the Year 380: Alaric - the first king to claim the title "Rex Scanić".
380-770: 15 known Kings of Scanić of which 5 use the title "Rex Scanić".
About 770: Ivar Vidfavne, King of Scanić, the first empire builder.
About 800: Harald Hildetand, the great King of Scanić.

Danish period
811-1047: Danish kings rule the land of Scanić.

Scanian/Danish period
1047-1330: Sven Estridsřn and sons -- Scanians on the Danish Throne.
1134-1330: Danish Kings rule the land of Scanić.

The period of the Holsteiners
1330-1360: Count Johan of Holstein rules the land of Scanić.

The Commonwealth period
1332-1360: Scania in Union with Sweden, Finland and Norway under the King Magnus Eriksson Smek. He uses the title "Rex Scanić".

The Danish period
1360-1376: Valdemar Atterdag rebuilds the state of Denmark and recaptures Scanić.

The Guardian period
1376-1397: Margrethe Valdemarsdatter rules over Denmark and Norway as guardian of her son Olof II and thereafter for Erich of Pomerania.

The period of the Nordic Union
1397-1412: Margrethe Valdemarsdatter (for Erich of Pomerania), Nordic ruler.
1412-1439: Erich of Pomerania - Nordic King.
1439-1448: Christoffer of Bravaria - Nordic King.

The Danish period
1448-1658: Danish kings rule Scanić.

The Governorship Period
1658-1720: The period of Governorship in Skĺneland (Scania). (Described by the Swedish government as "a domestic but foreign land)". Scanić had its own parliament and a guarantee of self-rule, i.e. Scania was permitted to continue its own legislature.)

The Swedish period
1720-1801: Swedish kings rule Scanić.
1801-1809: The Governorship is reinstated in the province of Skĺne.
1809-Today The region of Skĺneland constists of 3 separate administrative provinces under Swedish rule - Skĺne, Halland and Blekinge. (The Island of Bornholm remained under Danish rule.)