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International colour code: Red=PMS 179 Yellow=108

Red background with yellow cross. Proportions 3-1-3 in height and 3-1-4.5 in length. The origin of this flag can be traced back to the banner used by the Nordic church in the 12th century when it was headed by the Archbishop of Lund.

The Diocese of Lund included the provinces of Skåne, Halland, Blekinge and the Island of Bornholm (i.e. Skåneland/ Scania) wherein the Scanian law was valid. The ecclesiastical flag, which was red with a yellow cross, has its secular equivalent in the Nordic Union flag of 1430, instituted by the Swedish King Erik of Pomerania.

The original Nordic flag was yellow with a red cross, the twin of the church flag but with colours in reverse. In the more recent 1870's the Scanian/Skåneland flag was introduced in Lund as the flag of the region. Since then it has been used in connection with sports, culture, commerce, advertising, etc.

The Skåneland Flag rests firmly on historical grounds and is closely associated with the Scanian history. Design and dimensions derives from the original Danish flag (the Danebrog) from the time Skåneland was a part of the Danish kingdom.

The Danebrog has, like the Swedish flag, gone through several changes in its proportions over the years. The Skåneland flag, like the heraldic "Panther" symbol, is registered in Skanidinavisk Vapenrulla as a regional and cultural symbol (SVR 491/32).

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